Gaelic Escargot

Gaelic Escargot has been established in 2013 and it is located in Garryhill, Co. Carlow. It is the first snail farm in Ireland and the only Research and Development Centre for the production of free-range escargots. They specialise in rearing and distributing Irish escargots addressing large international shortage where current production and supply cannot satisfy increasing demand.

Gaelic Escargot assists people who are interested in farming snails, providing full mentoring, offering training sessions, initial breeding stock and guaranteed market for the product. They have also developed a range of escargot products, including escargots in brine and marinated escargots that are available to purchase through their website. Gaelic Escargot’s reputation is based on the know-how, perseverance, dedication and the continuous growth of the industry that they have created. Their main objective is to grow a successful and sustainable industry together and ensure that Ireland becomes the number one supplier of quality escargots for the domestic and international markets.

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