About Taste In Carlow

Taste in Carlow is a food destination brand that encapsulates Carlow’s food and drink offering into one clear and concise narrative, creates a sense of collective belonging for local stakeholders and can be easily identified by consumers.

Taste in Carlow has been developed by Carlow County Council’s Local Enterprise Office in partnership with Carlow Tourism, the Carlow Food Forum and a group of Carlow businesses in the food and drink sector. It was funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development under the Accelerated Town & Village Fund.

Taste in Carlow values the diversity of our people, the products they create and their importance to Carlow’s food and drink story. We are proud of our heritage and our roots, we have been farming the land since Neolithic times. Throughout the centuries we have manufactured, exported and served produce to the local and international markets.  We feel our hard work, our ingenuity and our commitment to quality builds a rich tapestry of authentic experiences for the customer to enjoy.



The aim of Taste in Carlow is to support a sustainable local food and drink industry through an effective and integrated communications strategy. That strategy will in the development of business partnerships and collaborations within the region which can deliver unique, world class food experiences placing Carlow firmly on the map as a real foodie destination. This initiative sits within the overall national strategy implemented by Bord Bia and other related agencies, and acts as a direct response in support of our national Food Wise 2025 strategy. Taste in Carlow values the stakeholders within our food and drink industry and their importance to Carlow’s economic prosperity.


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  • To create a strong identifiable marketing brand around Carlow’s Food and Drink offering
  • To encourage and develop collaboration within the county and the greater region.
  • Identify potential regional partnerships around food and drink opportunities where mutual synergies can be established.
  • Through the development of a cohesive story help to solidify Carlow as a food destination and attract new visitors.
  • Increase already existing local, regional and global food sales, whilst optimising routes to market for producers and food entrepreneurs.
  • By strengthening the network of support and building on the overall levels of communication within the county, Carlow can strive forward with a renewed sense of prosperity.
  • To provide training and the necessary business development supports on a tiered basis for start-up, scaling and established food and drink businesses.
  • Carlow IT can greatly assist in the provision of these training and development supports.
  • Carlow has a story to tell. A proud history combined with a devotion to the land and a community of hard working resilient people. The goal is to implement a joined up support structure involving all, that will be progressive.
  • To increase the productivity of food businesses and thereby increase employment in the region.
  • Provide support to the overall tourism strategy through the development of the food and drink tourism and agri-tourism experiences.
  • Through collaboration within the South East region identify initiatives that will drive visitors into the region as a whole, thereby enabling growth of the sector.
  • Enable Carlow to be recognised as a great place to start and run a food and drink business.

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